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you’re drowning me. same time tomorrow?

Updated: Apr 9

it's like water's overflowing in

the bathtub and my body

won't let me lift my head up

from under it.

it's a constant sound of planes

crashing, catching fire,

causing the explosions

that are ringing in

my ears.

i'm picking at my skin,

bleeding from my lips,

and screaming into a void

no one can hear.

how do you not feel

the pounding in my chest?

or the turning in my stomach?

they're so loud and big

I swear I cause tsunamis

and earthquakes with every

step I take.

you'd think my neck would

hurt by now with all the constant

looking over my shoulders,

searching for girls prettier than me,

more entertaining than me,

more of what you want than me.

and for some reason,

some idiotic reason,

i kill myself everyday for you.

i beg for you to see me,

to hear me,

to show me that you care.

and yet,

my lips are still bleeding,

the pounding in my chest

has made its way to my temples,

and the water in the bathtub

has rushed over the edge

and out the bathroom door.

yet here I am,

laying underwater,

waiting for you to

pull me out, bring me back to life,

and drown me once again.

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