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Boudoir photo of writer Erin Schwartz sipping champagne

So It Goes . . .


In the words of Taylor Swift, "honey I rose up from the dead, I do this all the time." With every ending there is a new beginning. Whether that ending is by your own doing, or in the hands of another, the beginning is yours. You get to decide what you do with it. That's what Erin is doing today; she is taking back what she lost: herself.

This blog started back in 2019 for an outlet for Erin to share her thoughts, feelings, poetry and more, and it has become a home to many of Erin's Coffee Talks. These coffee talks touch on subjects such as: mental health, growth, life journeys, sexuality, and spirituality, as well as showcasing Erin's poetry, journal entries and letters to past people & her younger self.

Join Erin every week for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

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