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Boudoir photo of writer Erin Schwartz

Meet The Girl Behind Coffee Time With Erin:

A Word From Erin Schwartz, Writer & Creator -

Hi, my loves. With the relaunch of the blog, Coffee Time With Erin, I wanted to give an introduction to the new readers that might be stopping by! My name is Erin Schwartz. I'm from a very small town in Ohio, a full time worker, published poet, and blogger. I started this blog back in 2019 for an outlet to share my thoughts, feelings, poetry and more, and it has become a home to many of my Coffee Talks. With the new year in our midst, I wanted to rebrand a little, making our coffee talks a little more raw. This is my revival, my rebirth, and my renewal. With the changing season, I can feel myself evolving into a better version of myself and wanted to take you with me.

 If you're new, I just want to say thank you for stopping by and having coffee with me. I hope you come back for our weekly chats. If you've been here from the beginning, thank you so, so much for coming back for a chat. I love you dearly & I'm so, so grateful for our time together.  

I hope you join me weekly for a cup of joe & a heart to heart chat. 

All the love,


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