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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The flowers outside in the garden have bloomed.

They're purple and white,

and some are yellow.

The smell of flowers paints memories,

beautiful ones of my childhood.

Days where you and I

planted seeds in the ground and waited.

Waited until the beautiful flowers grew.

The smell of coffee surrounds me-

strong and warm.

It fills my heart with love.

Not only are images of coffee stained circles

on the kitchen counter coming to mind,

but the feeling of warmth.

The warmth of coffee reminds me

greatly of the warmth of your embrace.

The sound of music coming from my speakers

echoes through my ears.

The piano ballad of Tiny Dancer

brings me back to the dressing rooms

where you helped me get ready for stage.

The little things in life

remind me of the greatest blessing,


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