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A Safety Net

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

a safety net,

a place to catch you.

a safe space:

a place that makes the world seem less scary.

it's something everyone needs, wants, and desires.

it's an interesting concept,

you know?

feeling as though the world around you is

breaking -

even when it's not.

when the earth is spinning too quickly on its axis

and you feel the breeze speed up.

the wind is cold and causes shivers.

the lights seem too bright,

or the clock ticking beside you is too loud.

loud like a heart racing -

beating quickly and so hard

it could jump out of your chest.

when everything feels too big

and you feel so small.

a safety net,

a place to catch you.

a safe place:

they come in different forms.

the woman walking down the street

could have one completely different

than the man sitting in the coffee shop.

yours, and mine, and hers, and his,

they're unaligned.

mine come in

pages of books


late night talking


silent laughs.

they come in

car rides with music


fingertips grazing skin

and green eyes.

they catch me off guard,

but keep me steady.

june 24, 2022 - 21:24pm

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