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a writers muse

"never stop writing."

praise that feels so

backhanded and confusing.

"never stop writing."

a compliment only said

when it's too late

and those words

were needed earlier.

you see,

even if I wanted to,

I could never stop writing.

I could never put the pen

down and slam the laptop shut.

I've tried.

God, have I tried.

I have laid in bed for hours,

pushing the metaphors,

and hyperboles,

down my own throat to make sure

they aren't written out.

but they're like demons,

making their way out into the world

through me.

I cannot keep them from coming into light.

the words consume me.

it's the only possible way

for me

to save myself

and breathe.

you see,

at this point in my life,

writing is not a fun,

endearing hobby,


I'm writing because it's the only

drug that allows me

to feel,

to be,

to live.

it's how I can take my

own personal hell

and turn it into at least

a little slice of heaven.

it's how I memorize the

traces of someones skin and

remember the pain

and beauty that come with it.

I'll never stop writing.

but unfortunately for some,

they'll never stop living.

that's the downfall of being a

writers muse, right?

you'll live forever on their


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