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The fire in my soul ignites with every single touch.

The crimson color in my cheeks is caused by such a rush.

You, my love, are all I want, but something in me changed.

The fire once inside me, is now just a small flame.

you dimmed it, don't you see?

how's it feel to ruin me?


There’s something in me happening,

Come and take a look.

You were once all the pages,

Now just a line in my book.


I don’t mean to destroy you,

The main character of my dreams,

But if this is what will save me,

Then this is what I need.


I wouldn't change the writing,

if you didn't take the pen.

Goodbye, my love, I love you,

You’ll always have my heart,

but this is what we needed,

Just two souls apart.




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