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Hell of a Muse

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The same paint that drips from my brush

is the exact paint I cover bruises with.

A peachy tan that matches my natural glow.

Every morning,

yes, every single morning,

I grab the bottle of reds and yellows

and blues and whites and mix.

I mix and mix until I see my flesh melted

in the bowl.

Then I take my spongey brush

and graze my skin until the black and blue

shade is gone.

Darker peach on my arms

since the bruises are visible with my sleeveless top.

Lighter on my face so it matches the makeup.

Then I take the same brush

with the reds and yellows

and blues and whites and I paint.

I paint my canvases.

I paint the walls.

I paint scraps of paper.

I turn my fear and my pain into art

because that's the beauty of it all, right?

Pain becomes one hell of a muse.

may 6, 2022


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