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One With The Sky

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

As I sit here at 5:27 am, the sun not rising for exactly one more hour, I have a thought: although hard to string together more than one coherent sentence due to the splitting headache forming in the back of my now puffy, watery eyes - my mind is slightly racing. Not from anxiety or fear, but from the vulnerability setting into my chest from the idea that people will soon be waking to start their days. With that I will no longer be the only one in my own little world, spending time with the moon and stars.

It's peaceful sitting in the blissful silence, staring in the face of the moon, pretending to be the only one on Earth. I find comfort in thinking there is no one looking at the sky besides me. I find peace in believing that while the town around me slept, I was able to keep my nose in a book, becoming someone I'm not — living a life I so dream to have, all while the moon kept me company.

Because there is nothing more delightful than becoming one with the sky.

[5:27 am - July 23, 2021 — Journal Entry. Written before falling asleep with pen in hand]


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