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oxygen tank

im sinking.

the air is running low.


the air was low when I jumped in,

and I knew that,

but I ignored the flashing red.

now the flashing red

is a siren screaming.

luckily i'm underwater

and the further I sink,

the less I can hear it

yelling at me.

"run," it tries to warn me.

but again,

I saw the warning signs

before I jumped feet first into

the blue,

my suit on,

and the tank on my back.

did I listen then?


why should I listen now?

the only thing keeping

me alive is this tank.

but the pressure is

getting to it.

there's nowhere to run.

there's open space everywhere,

yet nowhere safe to turn.

no matter how much space

there is between me & the


the flashing red and loud

siren will stay with me.

until suddenly,

the siren stops.

the light turns off.

the water around me becomes dark.

I can't run away & swim upward,

or else my lungs will explode.

but if I stay here underwater,

i'll suffocate.

do I run & damage myself further?

or do I just let go,

and fill my lungs with water?

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