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prayers, a written thought process

A year ago I prayed daily for many things:

friendship, love, happiness.

written prayers in the form of letters.

"Dear God . . ." I wrote.

spoken prayers in whispers at midnight,

or in screams with tears in my eyes in the afternoon.

"Please God . . ." I cried.

I spent a year singing songs in the car

written by adoring women and wishing

to feel the way they felt.

or replayed songs sang deeply from the souls of men,

about women,

wishing one day someone would feel that way about me.

it's funny, you know?

they tell you that God answers prayers

when you're ready, randomly.

you don't believe it until it happens.

because it did.

I found all the things I asked God for

all in one man.

I have no idea what I did to deserve

a man I once prayed for,

but here I am.

here I am writing prayers in the form of letters,

"Thank you God . . ." I write.

spoken prayers in the form of whispers:

in the morning,

when Kellen's sleeping,

and I'm trying not to wake him.

"I'm blessed . . ." I smile.

I am blessed.

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