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Autumn Equinox

Updated: Apr 9

This passed weekend was the Fall Equinox. A weekend of embracing change, going into a period of darkness, and giving thanks to Mother Goddess for all the blessings we received in the summer, but also all the things coming this autumn. This weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in my first ever peace walk with the amazing yogi's I get to call my tribe over at Indigo Roots. I was so full of gratitude for not only being able to celebrate the worlds blessings with these beautiful souls, but just being able to celebrate life in general. It helped me realize I am so absolutely blessed - blessed to be alive, blessed to have such an amazing circle, blessed to live the life I am living.

I am so grateful to call this earth my home. The beauty all around us is so breathtaking and still overwhelming at times. How did I get so lucky to be able to live in a world so magical? Nothing makes me happier than meditating outdoors in the cool, crisp, autumn air and hearing the birds chirp. What's your favorite part of fall?

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