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but isn’t that living?

but while the leaves die

and the wind changes direction,

who can truly say they lived?

you forget to call your

friends back,

and slowly the phone

stays unplugged.

the curtains close a little

tighter, but the windows

stay open for the breeze.

but isn't that living?

breathing on your own

in the comfort of your

peace without the worry

of others?

is alone truly lonely?

or are the ones on

their own the most

rewarded in the end?

peace comes to

those who ask,

so ask the wind to

guide you through

the changes of the seasons,

even if you're the only one

on it's path.

because the wind is free

and it'll share some of

it with you before the

sun goes down and we

all fall asleep.

alone is never lonely

as long as you feel

the breeze.

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