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From Witch To Christian

Updated: Apr 9

Good morning!

As many of you know, I used to consider my a witch. I did spells, participated in magic circles, and even almost joined a coven. I did NOT do black magic or worship the devil, let me make that clear. I did spells about love, friendship, and personal power. I did spells about things I wanted to conjure up and bring into my life. I was a witch for a year of my life. This all changed in December of 2019. I stepped into church for the first time in almost 10 years. (You can read about it in my post "I Found God.") I walked in terrified that right then and there God would strike me down. You've heard the saying "sweating like a whore in church," right? I was sweating like a witch in the house of God. I was worried God wouldn't accept me.

As of March of this year, I turned in my spellbook and picked up a bible. It's crazy to think that someone, who stepped out of the church and honestly, stopped believing in Christ would willingly pick up a bible and read it. It's been the best time of my life! I'm realizing and learning so many things through Christ and it's helped me gain a better understanding of myself. Just because I put away the spellbook doesn't mean I didn't keep a few healthy rituals from my past. I still believe in crystals, I mean, God put them on the earth for a reason. I also still talk to God through moon cards. Whenever I'm feeling lost or need guidance I pray about it, pull a card, and it feels like God in answering through the card I pulled.

Though I cherish the adventures I had in light, white witchcraft, I'm so blessed to have found God in December. Without Him I don't know where I'd be. I can't wait to continue my journey with God, finally get baptized, and grow as a Christian. It wasn't an easy decision to become a Christian again, but I knew it was the best option for me because the Lord's love is never ending.

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