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orange roses

Updated: 2 days ago

I bought myself flowers today.

Orange roses

and a Sunflower -

my favorite kind currently.

They're in the living room

where I can see them

every single day and

remind myself that someone

wants me.

Even if that someone is just me.

I've mentioned flowers recently.

I asked you what color

and kind I should get.

You asked me what kind

I wanted.

It was like you were offering

to get them for me

instead of a gesture I have to

hand myself.

But had you had gotten them,

after I had already picked them

out at the store,

they would've wilted in my hands.

The thorns would've torn open

my skin, and the petals would

have fallen slowly to the ground.

"Does he love me?"

"Does he love me not?"

One by one the petals fall.

He loves me not,

but that's okay.

At least I have orange Roses.

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