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'Till Death We Do Art

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

What is a hobby of yours?

Back in 2018, when my depression had spiked, and I was taking my sadness and anger out on my body with the concept of self harming, I turned to painting as a positive outlet. I really loved putting my thoughts onto canvas whether in a colorful depiction of how I was feeling or creating something beautiful to replace the negativity in a time of sorrow. I have always been a creative person, writing, doodling, putting together multiple eight counts in a dance to express an array of thoughts, so it was inevitable I would end up picking up a paint brush and falling in love with it.

Over the last year, my painting skills have gone from stick figures on a piece of white computer paper to sunflowers and bumble bees on actual canvas. I never thought I would be someone that would have a collection of random artwork that I have taken the time to make, scattered throughout my bedroom. I have a short attention span and can't seem to sit down to accomplish anything for more than 30 minutes. Somehow I have managed to finally take the time out of my day to create at least something small and to take an hour to give myself my "me time" doing what I love. Art is the most therapeutic hobby and coping mechanism I have picked up and I am so grateful that I allowed myself the creative freedom to find my safe space. I absolutely see myself in my 80s at a nursing home painting away with my little old lady friends. I hope to never lose the passion I have for creating, as it is something that brings me pure bliss. Here's to many more paint spills and blank canvases turned into magic.


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