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Updated: Apr 9

I hate to say it hurts.

but it does.

my heart has high jacked

a freight train

that's barreling its way

through the cavities

of my chest.

my brain is tied and bound

in barbed wire and rope,

laying across the tracks of my veins -

waiting for the train to hit.

every time it tries to flee, the wire cuts


and it does.

the train hits.

it hits at such a speed that every

good memory I have disintegrates

in its wake.

it hits when I laugh,

or think too hard,

or when i'm dead asleep.

it's racing down the tracks,

but there's no end in sight.

the brakes begin to scream

and so do I.

I scream until my lungs

deflate and my voice is gone.

no one hears me, though,

they never do.

the whistle blows too loud.

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