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wish my brain would slow down

forcing the blood in my veins

to pump a million miles a second,a titan of colossal weight is sitting on my chest. I can’t begin to

inhale any oxygen

through the entrance of

my lungs.

every single inch of

my extremities

starting with my


to my middle,

to my ring and pinky,

ending with my thumb

start to lose feeling.

my legs can no

longer hold the

weight of my body

combined with this

substantial burden.

my vision starts to blur

as my breathing

starts to hitch inside my throat.

the world becomes dark

while everything starts

to feel as though it means


I try to relax my mind

and ease the invasive

& intrusive thoughts

as they cloud

my vision and force

me to solely focus on






that’s all I can do.

that’s all I can ever do.

one day the weight will lift,

but until then, I have to just

hold it with all I have.

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